Canon T3i vs T4i comparison

Following the success of Canon T3i, the company released the DSLR in the Rebel series, The Canon Rebel T4i. Both of the cameras fall under the category of entry level DSLR. Let us see if it worth upgrading from Rebel T3i to Rebel T4i.

Canon T3i vs T4i comparison

The old version used the DIGIC 4 processor with an APS-C sensor. But, the newer version uses DIGIC 5 processor with Hybrid CMOS sensor. The Hybrid CMOS sensor provides the much needed Auto-Focus for video-graphing. The older version requires flash light to produce high quality images. But, the newer version with the combined functioning of its processor and sensor will be able to produce high quality images without the use of artificial lights.

Canon T3i vs T4i DSLR camera

The use of 3-inch vari-angle screen in T3i was itself a success. In addition T4i uses the feature of capacitive touch screen providing the users an experience of working with a Smartphone. The Rebel T4i is the first DSLR of its kind to comprise a capacitive touch screen. The Introduction of Touch screen in the Rebel series is a major update.

There are also areas where Canon Rebel T3i is very slightly ahead of T4i. The color depth of T3i is 22.1 bits whereas the color depth of T4i is just behind at a value of 21.7. Noise handling of T3i at a higher value of ISO is a bit more efficient than T4i. The value is 790 vs. 720 ISO.
The ISO range in T3i was from 100 to 6400, which can be extended to a value of 12,800. The ISO range of T4i extended to a value from 100 to 12,800 which can also be extended to 25,600. Thus, capturing images in dim light conditions won’t be an issue in T4i.

Canon T3i vs T4i comparison specs

To enhance the continuous shooting or video-graphing, T4i is designed to reach a maximum value of 5fps. The value was only 3.7fps in the old version. The duration of shutter lag is reduced in T4i. The value of shutter lag was reduced from 280ms to 260ms.

To assist the user in various environments, T3i was equipped with Scene Intelligence Auto Mode. In addition to the Scene Intelligence Auto Mode, T4i is provided with the Hand-held Night scene mode and HRD Backlight Control Mode. The Hand-held Night Scene Mode enhances the details in night vision photography and produces an image which is of the same quality with the image which is taken with the help of a tripod. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) Backlight Control mode takes multiple exposures of an image and combines them to form an output image with intense detail in both dim and bright regions. Looking for more cameras from Canon with cheap prices, read more Canon coupon code. We have found the best price for you on Amazon. Clicking on the link will redirect you to Amazon’s official site.

Depending upon the country, the cost as one would expect T4i cost nearly 20 to 50 percent higher than T3i. As the features of the camera have improved, so would be the price of the camera. From the above facts it is evident that Canon Rebel T4i is more than just an update if Canon Rebel T3i. If you are a Videographer or a photographer who loves capturing images in the Night or under a shadow, Canon Rebel T4i definitely worth an upgrade.

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