Product Review Canon LP-E6 Battery Pack for Select Canon Digital SLR Camera

An ideal extra source of power for your digital device to ensure that you never miss a chance to click that perfect picture! Rated at 1800 mAh, this is a long lasting battery that will work as good as the original one.  The product is compatible with Canon EOS 60D EOS 7D EOS 5D Mark II. Keep this battery handy just in case the earlier one is ready to die. After all, it’s good to feel secured by having a second battery for a great digital photography experience.

canon 3

The product has received a mixed of both negative and positive feedback. However, for the most part, mainly the reviews have been positive and therefore, it is one of the highest selling battery out there on Amazon.

Author Recommendation: Make sure that you do not leave on charger for too long after full strength to avoid overheating. This will ensure that the battery lasts longer and continues to provide power. Click Here to Order at discount.