Details of Canon T3i

Details of Canon T3i about specs, photos, features, reviews or pros and cons.

Canon T3i disadvantages (cons)

Canon T3i disadvantages

Learn about Canon t3i advantages & Canon t3i disadvantages is important before you decide to buy. Continuous Shooting Speed ​​slow due to large image files LiveView mode collapsible slow Body made ​​of plastic Grip small (however many people like it) Canon T3i is a small upgrade of T3 with swivel flip screen, Canon T3i with good quality photographs, most beautiful images when shooting portraits and landscapes. Find Canon T3i deals and don't worry about Canon T3i … [Read more...]

Canon T3i advantages (pros)

Canon T3i advantages - Canon EOS T3i pros

Canon EOS T3i is the best DSLR camera in 2011 (Cnet), 2012. View all Canon T3i advantages below and decide to buy it early. Canon T3i advantages The first advantage Canon T3i is excellent image quality, most users have rated it very excellent. Many photographers have taken the award-winning photo with Canon T3i. The second advantage Canon T3i is cheap, with just over $600 you can own fully: camera body, 18-55mm lens, memory cards, backpacks, hygiene and tripod. If you are a amateur or … [Read more...]

Canon T3i sample images – Test photos taken by Canon EOS T3i

Canon T3i sample images landscape

Canon T3i camera is great, do you believe that? View some Canon T3i sample images below and agree with us that. You will be pleased with the outstanding quality of this camera. Source from Canon JP, you can read some other Canon T3i sample images by CameraLab All are beatiful photos, The quality of Canon T3i is excellent, read more about Canon T3i specs and find newest Canon T3i deals 2013 to buy it cheaper. … [Read more...]

Canon T3i detail photos

Canon T3i photos, front of Canon EOS T3i - Buy cheap T3i with deals 2013

T3i is a nice camera, view T3i detail photos now from top to bottom, right & left, front and back. Thanks to visit, find the best T3i deals or coupon and order it now. … [Read more...]

Canon T3i specs and technical detail

Canon T3i specs, sensor and more technical detail

Specs is an important factor to evaluate a camera, if you are learning about the T3i, refer to the information on the Canon T3i specs below: Technical Canon T3i DSLR camera Resolution 18 megapixels Sensor CMOS, Size APS-C 22.3x14.9mm, 18 megapixels Continuous shooting 3.7 fps Media 1 slot, support SD/SDXC/SDHC Autofocus Phase detection 9 cross type Cross type focus points: 1 Display LCD 3.0-inch, 1.04 megapixels Processor Digic … [Read more...]